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L.A. Trial Pros

 Founded in 2018

L.A. Trial Pros was founded on the key principles of integrity, honesty, commitment, and communication.  No corners are cut, and clients are always kept in the know.  We truly believe that our role as attorneys is based on keeping our clients up-to-date and making decisions together based on the needs of the client.    

L.A. Trial Pros

Our Vision

We are excited at the prospect of helping you with your case.  Whether you were involved in car accident, rideshare accident, dog bite, or some other incident, you have rights that need to be protected.  Rights that might be jeopardized should you choose to go against the big insurance companies alone.

Take advantage of our free consultations and speak with an experienced attorney today.  By speaking with one of our attorneys, you will be informed of what rights you have and whether you have a viable case.  No two cases are alike, no matter how similar they seem.  The best course of action is to get informed of our rights and act on them.  Remember, insurance companies are for profit business and they do not have your best interest at heart.  In fact, their preference is for you not to get legal representation to that they can resolve your claim quickly and for a value way less than what your claim may actually be worth.  

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Mr. Asa Yashar

Partner specializing in Personal Injury Litigation

Asa Yashar is a So-Cal native who has a genuine passion for helping others.  He completed his undergraduate studies at University of California Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology.  He uses this background to help understand the needs of clients and negotiate effectively when settling cases.  After working in the banking industry for several years in his community, Asa went on to attend law school at Southwestern Law School, in Los Angeles, where he participated in their negotiations honors program, served as a mentor and professors' assistant, and ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude.

As a young attorney, Asa handled a variety of cases ranging from car accidents, rideshare accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, traumatic brain injury cases, cases against governmental entities, and even cases in tribal courts.  His cases have taken him Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Cabazon, Riverside, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Pomona, Chino Hills, and San Bernardino.  At his previous position, Asa earned a reputation for being a relentless litigator and succeeding on "tough" liability cases.  In 2020, he was named as a top-verdict recipient for three different cases.  When he is not working on cases, Asa loves to go walking around the neighborhood, hiking, and visiting national Parks.


Email:     Office: (833) 528-7776

Our Associates

"The insurance companies have their professionals, get yours today!"

- Asa Yashar

Value 01.


L.A. Trial Pros believes at its core that communication between a client and an attorney is critical.  When you work with L.A. Trial Pros, you get an attorney who will be actively working on your case, instead of a secretary, assistant, or file handler.  This means that there is no communication buffer between you and your attorney.  Your questions and concerns are always addressed. Every client gets the benefit of an experienced lawyer ensuring that everything is done to put you in the best possible position for success. 

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