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04. Slip and Falls

Premises Liability Cases

Slip and Falls/Trip and Falls

When we walk into our local Costco, Ralphs, 99 Cents Store, or Superior Store to go shopping or when we go to our favorite store to go shopping, or a restaurant for dinner, California Law requires that the the company responsible for running and maintaining that location do so in a reasonable manner.  If an individual slips or trips on a hazard that was left unattended and suffers injury, that store, or restaurant could be held liable for the injuries sustained as a result of the fall.  These cases are known as premises liability cases.  Because these companies invite is onto their property for their financial gain, they owe a duty to their patrons to keep the property free and clear from dangers or hazards that can lead to a fall or other type of injury.

Just like any other case, it is important that any evidence is preserved.  This could include making sure no video tape or digital recording of the fall and the hours before and after the fall is deleted.  This could include making sure that the store in question keeps their logs detailing when, where, and how their property was cleaned or examined.  This could also include making sure there is an incident report of the fall.  Fortunately, Asa Yashar has litigated claims against many of these stores and knows what it takes to maintain the integrity and strength of your case from the beginning.  Remember, the law favors that act on their rights, and not those that sleep on their rights.  Quick action is important to make sure your case is on strong footing.  Call us for a consultation regarding your incident so you keep your options available.

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