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02. Rideshare Accidents

Lyft, Uber, and Other Ridesharing Apps

In today's world, rideshare companies, such as Lyft and Uber have become very commonly used.  Although these programs help with some underlying problems such as DUI's, and add a lot of convenience to our lives, they can still be held accountable when involved in an accident.  These companies still have to take reasonable steps to ensure that their drivers are safe, capable and competent drivers.  

These companies may carry separate third party insurance contracts that have larger policies.  This means that if you are riding in an Uber or Lyft, and are then involved in an accident that is the fault of your rideshare driver, you may have the ability to be compensated significantly depending on your injuries that were sustained.  In the event that you are a passenger and and accident occurs that is not the fault of your rideshare driver, the rideshare company may have other insurance policies that will allow an injured passenger to recover for their injuries.  It is imperative that you know what type of insurance you are dealing with and the limits of those insurance coverages so that you get the treatment you need and the outcome you deserve.

L.A. Trial Pros founder Asa Yashar has had extensive dealings with both Lyft and Uber.  We know what it takes to navigate the landscape of rideshare insurance to make sure we are made aware of all of the insurance coverages in play before reaching an outcome.  

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