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Introducing our law firm

L.A. Trial Pros, Specializing in Protecting
Your Personal Injury Rights

Focusing on Quality of Work, Not Quantity of Cases

L.A. Trial Pros is a boutique personal injury law firm specializing in recovering compensation for injured persons involved in automobile accidents, rideshare accidents, dog bites, and premises liability cases commonly referred to as slip and falls. After years of gaining experience in personal injury, Asa Yashar is ready to litigate matters from inception to trial.  

Founder, Asa Yashar, understands that from a client's standpoint, there is only one case that matters, theirs.  This is why he focuses on consistent client communication and treating each case as though everything is depending on it.  This focus, along with the experience and the knowledge in litigation, helps put each client in a position to win.

L.A. Trial Pros also understands that an overloaded caseload can negatively affect the quality of work received by clients.  For this reason, every case taken on by L.A. Trial Pros will have the personal and undivided attention of an attorney throughout the lifetime of the case.

Practice Areas


Automobile Accidents

Although automobile accidents may seem standard, there are a number of pitfalls and traps that an unsuspecting victim can fall prey to.  Insurance companies are for profit entities, which means they are not looking out for your best interest.  L.A. Trial Pros will serve as your fiduciary, putting your interest first and foremost.  This means that we will turn every stone seeking just compensation for our clients' injuries, whether it is going after a commercial entity, government entity, or an individual.


Ride Share Accidents

L.A. Trial Pros understands that in today's world, rideshare companies play an important role in how people get around.  Because these companies profit from the usage of riders, they may be held to a different standard than an average driver.  These companies often hire attorneys whose job is to look out for the company, not you.  Level the playing field and use L.A. Trial Pros to make sure these companies do not put profits over people by taking advantage of you.


Dog Bites

Let's be honest, we all love our four-legged fury friends.  Having a pet can bring a significant amount of love, companionship and stress-relief into one's life.  Pet owner's do have a duty to make sure they take reasonable steps and precautions to make sure their pets do not bite or harm others.  These steps can vary pet-to-pet.  In California, victims of dog bites (even if the skin is not broken) are entitled to compensation and certain protections under the law.      


Slip and Falls

Premises liability is a broad term that refers to being injured as the result of a landowner's or renter's failure to keep a premises free from dangers and hazards.  This can include slipping on a wet or slippery substance and falling over, getting cut by sharp objects, or tripping over hazards and falling over.  If you have slipped/tripped due to the negligence of a property owner, it is crucial that you get representation as soon as possible, to preserve evidence and maintain the strength of your case.


Using Experienced Litigation to Fight for Proven Results

Heading 1

When You Need Experience, Reputation, and Results.



Asa Yashar has spent his early career helping those who have been hurt because of the negligence of others.  These injuries cover a wide range from soft-tissue injuries to loss of life.  No matter the extent of the harm, L.A. Trial Pros firmly believes that to get the best result for client means continuing to fight every step of the way.  This includes filing law suits, getting in the courtroom, and using litigation as a tool to put pressure on insurance companies to get clients the best possible outcome, when necessary.  This commitment to aggressive representation has led to a track record of success for clients and a reputation for creative and result-focused litigation. 

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