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01. Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents

An automobile accident does not seem too complicated from the outside.  However, there could be a lot of moving pieces that may affect an injured victim's outcome.  The law allows an injured party to seek compensation to make that injured party whole once more.  What does this look like in practice?  We can show you.


L.A. Trial Pros aims to help its clients regain their health, while being compensated for their pain and suffering.  We understand that overall health is delicate and that a car accident could make it difficult and sometimes impossible for an injured client to regain 100% of their health back.  We help clients evaluate their medical treatment options so that they can focus on getting their health back.  This may look different for every client, which is why we take a custom-tailored approach to helping our client, as opposed to a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all approach.

Another factor that affects outcomes on personal injury cases is what type of insurance coverages are at play.  This includes the client's insurance, the insurance of the negligent party, and and insurances of any other party who bears some responsibility.  L.A. Trial Pros prides itself on searching relentlessly for parties that may be accountable to explore all of the compensation options that are available for a client.  

Automobile Accidents Involving Commercial Entities

Sometimes the biggest "x-factor" in analyzing a car accident is identifying the party at fault.  The reason why this, along with the client's injuries, plays a crucial role is because it could affect a client's potential recovery.  Businesses and government entities play by a different "rule book."  The best way to deal with one of these parties is work with an attorney that has experience working with these entities.  Asa Yashar has had substantial experience with these entities and will make sure that your rights are protected if you have been involved with a vehicle that may fall into this classification.  

This could include vehicles that bear insignia of a larger company.  The reality is that gathering information as soon as an accident occurs is vital.  This includes photos, statements, police reports, and witness statements.  L.A. Trial Pros will make sure to accumulate all the information necessary to properly evaluate your case and to ensure that the appropriate party is held accountable for the negligence and wrongdoing that led to your injurues.

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