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03. Dog Bites

Pleas vs. Trials

Founder of L.A. Trial Pros, Asa Yashar, will always have a soft spot for a furry family.  Having rescued a pit-mix and a puggle, Asa Yashar has a deep love for all of our four-legged, furry family.  Having a pet is an important relationship that brings a lot love, joy and companionship to a pet owner.  Pet owners have a responsibility to their neighbors and community that is significant.

If you are bit by a dog it is important that you call us for a free consultation to evaluate your case.  Dog bites and other harm caused by pets fall into a classification of the law known as "strict liability."  This type of law is different than your average negligence case.  These injuries can be severe and often require additional medical evaluation ad intervention to ensure the health and safety of the dog bite victim.  

Victims of dog bites may be entitled to receive compensation for their medical treatment and for their pain and suffering.  Often times, these types of injuries may contain a psychological and emotional component that needs to be addressed.  Just like any personal injury case, it is important that you act quickly to gather all relevant information and to protect your health.  Depending on the circumstances, a pet owner's knowledge of any aggressive tendencies of the pet may affect your final outcome.  Call us now for a consultation.

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